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Rescue officials assist villagers out of a flooded area, following heavy monsoon rainfall, near Kochi. (Image: PTI)

There are countless ways to help. Social media is full of links and forwards available for those who want to contribute in kind, online or make a bank transfer.


Amazon Care has been tried and trusted. This morning I received an SMS saying that the donations we sent had reached their NGOs. Which was such a relief to read.  I’ve written to them requesting that they add an NGO for Animal Relief Work in Kerala as well.

Will update.


UPDATE – For those who want to donate for the multiple animal rescue work taking place in Kerala here’s another tried and tested link.


Blue Cross of India will be travelling to Kerala in a couple of days and requires the following medicines and equipment for the animals affected by the flood. Blue Cross is a very established NGO in Chennai for animals, and have many happy memories of visiting their shelter when we lived in Chennai.