The last pieces in my Amethyst collection.

My deep love for Healing crystals, gemstones and stones began in childhood when I would admire the Jade jewellery worn by mom’s Chinese friends who’d tell me legends and superstitions around the gorgeous green stone. Over the years I began to study Crystals seriously and then learnt to heal with them.  All my savings were happily spent buying healing stones in India and across the world adding to my collection.

Ignorantly I was fuelling an industry that was not only raping our mines but exploiting the poor into destroying the environment. Horror stories of mining practices came to view and I decided to stop buying  any more new crystals. What I had in my collection would stay, be revered and used as healing tools. If people needed crystals they would be welcome to purchase from my existing stock but I would no longer add to my collection, nor take any requests to source a crystal.


Our mines are rapidly depleting . Let us leave what there is, buried in Earth and respect and cherish what we already have in our homes and offices. Mother Earth has been generous but as humans we’ve overdone the taking as usual. It’s time to conserve, stop buying and to work with what we already have.


Mita Bhan. All Rights Reserved

Additional Reading Link – A friend just me this wonderful explanation here. Thank you 🙂