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Without even realizing it we get addicted to our own thoughts. We start believing them and end up living the thought. Especially negative ones. For me it’s “Oh I can’t lose weight” and I try all kinds of diets and exercise regimes and, well, I don’t lose a gram. Am I giving up too early? No. Am I not focussing on inch loss? No.

I’m simply feeding myself a negative thought. And the results are evident.

And like white sugar and refined flour, negative thought patterns are toxic. It’s time to replace them with superfoods. Superthoughts. Thoughts that are inherently positive, even if we don’t believe in their goodness at first, but sooner or later we do. Studies have revealed that if we repeat a positive thought to ourselves, it slowly embeds itself into our brain and eventually becomes our reality.

The key to detox is to pay attention to a self sabotaging thought pattern or a thought that’s not helping anyone. The minute you find yourself thinking “Oh I can never lose weight” immediately replace it with “Losing weight is easy for me” At first it will sound fake, almost unreal but as your brain starts hearing it over and over again. It will happen with a few weeks of conscious practice. Scientists say it takes 21 days of repeated effort for something to become a practice. And the results are beginning to trickle in. I’ve lost a kilogram!

Tips for Detox

  • Pay attention to your thoughts. Identify just one negative thought pattern.  It could be related to yourself, your relationships or even the external world. Everytime the thought pops up, replace it consciously with a positive though. Or repeat it like an affirmation. Practice for 21 days until it happens automatically. Even if it sounds unbelievable try it.


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