One of my regular visitors is a public figure. I’ve been reading her cards for over a decade. And she’s probably one of the realest, nicest people I know. Whatever she does and says is straight from her heart without filters. And with her talent she has achieved a fair amount of success down the years. Her happiness from living her life purpose is visible to all who have seen her on media and there’s nothing but delight while reading her energies, because she is who she is.

Recently she forwarded me a few messages that she received on social media. They were hateful, mean words with no substance from anonymous people she had worked with. I could see where her pain was coming from because she isn’t at all like what they described,  but their intention was clearly to put her down and make her look and feel bad.

When we spoke about it I could understand. Never once has she criticized a colleague nor viewed others with hate. Her philosophy was simple – focus on doing what you do best and let others follow their own path.  She couldn’t fathom why there was suddenly so much hate coming her way. She  contemplated quitting and retreating, leading a life of privacy away from the glare and scrutiny of the media.  Social media has its advantages about connecting people but sometimes it’s an easy, anonymous platform to spread hate about others. A trend that will hopefully be reversed someday.

Her cards revealed greater success coming her way. And along with that would come greater envy and hatred from those around her.  The higher she would rise, the greater the hate towards her. She’d have no choice but to deal with her critics and understand where they were coming from – a space of insecurity and misery.  And most importantly she would continue on her path, of living her truth and touching the lives of people with her gifts from God.

The cards as always provided guidance that was a learning for all. But was beautiful was her response.

“I can not be like my haters. And that is why they hate me. I have too many things to do in my short life to let my critics pull me down.  I can either concentrate on their words or concentrate on being me”

Yes dear lovely lady. Yes.


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