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The Kindness of Strangers


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Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

It is only  a sense of deep gratitude  I feel for all the strangers who have helped me without me even asking them.

The security guard who carried my crying 6 month old while I fumbled in my bag for my boarding pass in an international airport.

The lady who held my hand tightly while I stumbled on the mossy pebbles in a temple pond.

The man who gave me his handkerchief when I received a call about the death of a loved one in a queue.

The old couple who emailed me pictures of my son performing in a street play when my camera battery died.

The cashier who lent me her phone to make an emergency call when I forgot my phone.

Or even the lady who let me stand in front of her in the check out queue because I had just one item while her shopping cart was full.

And countless other angels down the years who were there when I needed a helping hand. They came forward wordlessly, in seconds and I still thank each and every one of them.

Without even realising it, these people show us the world isn’t such a cold and cruel place.  By being themselves, they inspire us every day to extend our hand if we see a stranger stumble or fall. To pay their kindness forward and add a little kindness to our worlds.


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