Most people turn to the Tarot purely for predictions, not realizing that these ancient deck of cards can offer so much more to the querent than just what will happen tomorrow.

Here are a few ways that you can fully tap into the potential of the Tarot.

  1. Self Development – The Tarot answers questions about the inner self in a way no other tool of divination can. Not only can it help you guide you to ways of  self improvement, it can point areas of strength, weakness and potential we all possess. Questions like “What do I need to learn about being a better parent to my children?” “What do I need to understand about a recurring dream?” “How can I make this relationship work?”
  2. Ideas and Direction – Many fiction and non fiction writers use the Tarot cards  for plot development and even character insights.
  3. Learning about symbolism of ancient cultures. The vivid imagery in each card speaks a lot more than eye can see and the Tarot gives you an insight into the world of occult symbols and their meanings be it from the Celts, the Ancient Egyptians etc.
  4. Clarity when it comes to understanding yourself and others. The Tarot reveals character traits, why a person may be facing a particular challenge and even a way forward.
  5. Although the Tarot cannot “make a decision” for us, it can offer us an indepth look into our choices eg “If I take up the new job offer what can I expect?”
  6. Tool for Meditation. Many readers love use the Tarot cards as a tool for meditation and many have even helped their querents focus on areas which they’d like to make peace with.

The next time you open your deck of cards for self study or go for a reading, consider tapping into the total potential of the Tarot, going beyond what will happen tomorrow, to what you can do right now for yourself. Remember, it’s all about the question you ask.


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