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The Tarot is based on the present moment, the cards pick up and reflect  the energies that surround you right now in the Universe. As energies change (which they will constantly in the Universe) so will the answers. However as I have seen in the case of repeated questions, the major issues and dominant personality traits remain the same. Sometimes the same card is repeated but many a times, the cards change with every subsequent reading.

For example a young man who  had a reading about a transfer in his company 3 times in one month. The first time the cards assured him of long term success professionally, a need to be patient and positive. He had informed the Management, had reached out to a few key people he had worked with earlier and had to focus on completing the project in hand.

In the second reading, the cards revealed recent conflicts and obstacles which would delay or sabotage his transfer. The querent admitted to having a  loud, verbal disagreement with a coworker who complained to the Management. The energies had changed around him and so had the outcome.  The 10 of pentacles returned assuring him of long term success but a need to handle the crisis coolly and professionally lest there be dire consequences.

His third reading followed a week later. His contract had  been terminated and there were no signs of renewal nor any responses to his request for a transfer. Clearly the cards had changed and reflected the changes in his energy and his company towards him. However, long term professional success was still assured but a change in his current path was suggested.

The Universe is in a constant flux, nothing remains the same. A single thought or act on part of the querent can totally change the reading. To quote the wise ones “nothing is every carved in stone, as energies change so does the outcome”

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