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The Magician strode past the crowd and climbed up on  stage. He gestured with his Selenite wand to the crowd to ask him any question.

One  man raised his hand. From his expression you could see the bitterness of age had begun to creep in and settle on the lines of his face, the remnants of frustration that linger after you give up on your dream. He spoke.

“Everybody’s doing well but me. People I trained have surpassed me. Even my younger cousins with start ups are getting successful. Why am I left behind?”

The crowd edged forward eagerly to listen to the Magician respond.

Instead the magnetic man on stage simply laughed and twirled his selenite wand like a baton. Bits of light radiated from the crystal.

With great flourish, the Magician leaned forward as if to whisper a secret.

“So what are you doing about things then?”

The man mumbled “I don’t know. Nothing I guess. All I know is I’m not getting paid enough by my company.”

The Magician smiled to himself.

“If you don’t do anything but complain, you’re not going to get anything are you?”

The man’s faced began to crumple like a baby before a meltdown. The Magician’s tone softened.

“Decide on what you want. Decide why you should get. And then go to your bosses for a raise. You will get it “

The crowd cheered. The Magician swished his wand around flamboyantly in the air and the shimmering lights descended on the people.He twirled in his cape and disappeared. A song began to play on stage while the sparkle dust danced for the audience.

“You can do magic

You can have anything that you desire” – America 1982

Is he an illusionist or a trickster? A glib showman or a wise old wizard?  In whatever form we choose to see the Magician card in the Tarot he comes to remind us that we have to manifest our own destiny. 

Copyright Mita Bhan. All Rights Reserved.