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The Wheel Turns in Your Favour

The wise ones have told us that no phase of life lasts. Even the toughest of times have to be replaced by a period of pure good energy.  A slow and dull time is always replaced by a hectic phase that sometimes catches us off guard. A good time does appear. A time when the unemployed find jobs, the lonely find love , the broke get money and the disappointed receive pleasant surprises. These phases can be a brief incident or a series of positive experiences that gradually unfolds in our lives and it can also be described as a feeling of unexplained optimisim. Something good is about to happen and it will. It may not last very long but it will be a welcome relief.

In Tarot this phase of the soul’s journey is perfectly described by the appearance of the upright Wheel of Fortune, a truly special card. The tenth card in the Major Arcana it describes the path of the Sun across the sky, revealing how Life is constantly in motion. Some readers call it fate, others call it destiny while many just say it’s a time when Lady Luck is smiling down at you and only you.  Something good has been put in motion in your life and it’s time to grab the opportunities taking full advantage of its breath of pure, positive energy.

Visually most Tarot decks depict the wheel with human and mythical symbols attached to it revealing that no being spared the wheels of time and karma. Some cards depict people with different emotions like joy, sorrow, anger etc on the 8 spokes of the wheel.  

Not a very common card to receive in a Tarot session, most readers will smile upon seeing it in an upright position and proceed to answer in affirmatives with the most positive outcomes. If it does come reversed, slowdowns or disappointments may be seen depending on the question asked. Special attention is always given to the Wheel of Fortune, a card that is indeed significant and memorable and many Tarot readers have expressed a shift of energies during a session, describing how the advent of the card made the reading lighter and happier.

However since a Tarot session is dependent on your question and based on the time of a reading, the meaning of the upright Wheel of Fortune alters with the kind of question you ask.

Here are a few general examples of differing meanings with differing questions.

If it’s a general forecast for the next 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or even few years the Wheel of Fortune appears as a good omen. Things are moving in your favour and luck favours you.

If the question is related to a new love interest, this Major Arcana card reveals destiny is at play, the both of you were meant to fall in love and an energy as strong as love can never be resisted or controlled. We must fall in love.

Job seekers find an affirmative to their queries of finding employment. Energies start moving in your favour. If you’ve applied for multiple jobs and haven’t heard from the company you can be sure they will wake up and call you.

If the reading is about potential business ideas the Wheel of Fortune foretells profitability and a lucky start.

In spiritual questions the appearance of this card reveals blessings from the Universe and a nudge towards what you were born to do in this lifetime.

And if the question about health related matters, the card comes as a welcome relief indicating recuperation and recovery. Good health is restored but with a lesson to be more conscious of your health.

Whatever be the question or situation, the upright Wheel of Fortune reminds us that opportunity never knocks twice. Don’t get too complacent, thinking the good times will always last. Make sure you maximise the potential of this whiff of positivity while it’s around. Remember, the wheels of time are in constant motion and the wise ones were correct when they told us never to take the good times for granted. Even good luck comes with an expiry date!

Mita Bhan.

This article first appeared on Astroyogi.com in January 2019