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Tarot Love Learnings for all Sun signs by Mita Bhan

Loves transforms, love uplifts, love teaches. And the Tarot taps into the energies that surround you right now. Here’s what your sunsign’s love lesson could be :


Love cannot be planned nor it can be predicted. The energy will suddenly descend on you and you may be seeing stars once again. Expect the unexpected in Love matters always. You may find yourself falling for someone who’s totally not your type. Or making the most electrifying eye contact with a stranger. Or deepening your feelings for someone who’s already in your life. Is it one level higher or one level deeper?


It’s the tiniest things which can make two people disagree. Holding on to small slights and getting too lost in the expectations could lead to misunderstandings with a loved one.  There are no rules in love and if you want this love to last learn to forgive and let go. A friendship could turn serious in a moment without any notice.

Don’t rush impulsively and then later regret it. Step back a second, don’t run away with your fantasies. Whether you are single and looking or in a relationship, patience will bring you what your heart wants. Answers  about a special someone will be revealed to you by their actions and not their words.

You are no longer willing to settle in your relationships. It’s got to be meaningful or the friend zone . Love for you is something higher and purer and almost divine. You may find yourself more creative than usual, maybe reading or writing love poetry or cooking special meals for a loved one. When you learn to recognise all the love that surrounds you from friends, family and pets you discover how much you are loved for being so awesome.

Love doesnt play safe, love always asks you to take risks. If past experiences have left you bitter and a little wary about who to trust, the cards assure you it’s time to let go.A new relationship is on the horizon but first you must be ready for it. Release past baggage, forgive and let go. If already in a relationship get ready for a new chapter in your lives, greater understanding. Your heart will tell you everything you need to know.

Is there a pattern in the kind of people you are attracted to? Are you waiting for someone to accept and appreciate you? Or is there something similar in they way you’ve broken up in the past. Love teaches you a valuable lesson and until you learn the pattern may recur. Pay attention to the early signals and don’t believe things will magically change with time. 


Just because you are single now doesn’t mean it’s a state that’s forever. Step out of your comfort zone and start meeting new people. Don’t hide from love. Love is accepting and embracing our selves and from that state we attract others our way.Committed partners learn to overlook the small differences and focus on shared goals. Strive to include your partner in yourdiscussions, together you can achieve a lot.


Possessiveness can be flattering in love but when it gets too much it can suffocate. Learn to trust yourselfand your better half. If the love is real and strong, he or she won’t leave. Love teaches you to believe in a higher power because its energies are purely divine.  Experiencing unconditional love can be the safest purest space to be.SaggitariusWhether married or single, your love life begins to improve. You are ready to learn the lessons of love and there may be a special excitement in the air. The more you realise how connected we all are, the better you relate with others. Remember not to get so enthusiastic in the beginning, you run out of steam. Take things a little slower and watch the magic grow.


Be completely honest and open. Teamwork is required if you wish to build a lasting relationship. If you’ve been in and out of casual relationships, it may be time to make a choice. Love teaches you to be true to yourself andfind the courage to share your innermost secrets and desires. The more you share, the closer your bond could be.


Let go of regrets. What has gone was never meant to be. Love teaches but also guides us to learn and move on. You’ve arrived at a period of transition. Your loves have changed you and  you are no longer the person you were. Use love to determine who you’d love to be.

Love is not always written in black and white. Love is like a heartbeat that feels amazing. Everything you need to know about a relationship has been communicated to you and it’s timeto start believing your inner voice about a special someone. Pay attention to these feelings.  If involved with someone you will already get the feeling that it’s about to undergo a change.

Mita Bhan

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