Cloudy days are the most challenging for many a mind. Cold, damp, places with no sunshine. The only source of light being the glistening cobwebs smirking in your face.

Sometimes our auras begin to merge with the cloudiness around us. We become unrecognisable in our spell of sadness. Some of us wake up with a sense of heaviness. Some discover the heaviness when we return  home in the evenings. And some alternate between states of sadness and coping. If you’ve been shocked by the brutalites of man while watching the news, totally tired out by the silly games people play at the boardroom or totally put off by someone’s actions you could have a cloudy aura. Other symptoms could include forgetfulness, drowsiness, state of sinking.

The point is NOT to stay in the cloudy state. NOR let it get to you. Cloudy auras are not our normal states. And it takes only a few minutes to brush away the greyness with a few alternative remedies.

Here are a few time tested  techniques to bring back clarity and positivity:

1. Play uplifting music and just listen.

2. Burn Sandalwood (essential oils, incense or candles). Smudge yourself with sage.

3. Indulge in a salt bath. The minerals in bath salts or epsom salts detoxify the body, reduce stress and even help in weight loss.

4. Remember the Sun will come out.

Cloudiness can be termed as a temporary state of depression. If it is chronic  or the symptoms worsen please visit your doctor.

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