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A string of bad relationships and you’re suddenly confused.

“Why cant I find a stable man?” is a question most Tarot readers are asked. And the answer is almost always the same.

Because you’re trying in the wrong direction. Stability doesn’t come from another source. It comes from within us. And when we realise that we have no choice but to be responsible and accountable for our own selves, whether it’s pleasant or not we reach that space of stability and security.

A better question to ask the Tarot is;

“What do I need to learn if I want to attract a long term relationship into my life?”

Learn from your mistakes. Did you feel uncomfortable when he was out of sight? Did you always send many many more messages than you received? Did he get irritated when you asked him too many questions, especially about his friends. Did you stop meeting your friends because he became your priority. Did your plans revolve around his availability.  Did he begin to avoid you when you acted needy? These were just a few of the signs.

Start going inwards. Become your own best friend. Find a space of peace that belongs to you and only you. Don’t expect it to happen in a day. But dont give up on trying either. Sooner or later you will begin to radiate a sense of self assuredness and stability that will not only draw the right men to you, it will show you that before we love another we have to love ourselves.

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