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Did you know the sound of water is therapeutic?

Sitting by the ocean listening to the sound of the waves.

Raindrops on your window pane.

The gentle melodies of a waterfall.

The babbling of a stream.

Simply listening for a few minutes helps bring our bodies back to balance and allows us to reconnect with our inner essence. Regardless of how technically advanced the world is becoming we still need to connect with the source of Nature. Listening to the sound of running water has been proven to be an extremely effective way to detach, de-stress and find our own sense of harmony. Our brains respond to the sounds within minutes and if it’s not possible to get to a natural water body, the effect is the same with a recording or by bringing a small water fountain in your office or home.

Science too has proven that the human brain enjoys the power of relaxation brought upon by the sounds of Nature in real time or in a recording. The sounds of flowing water relax the central nervous system and some studies have revealed that people who listen to the sounds of nature especially water, are more productive and focussed than others.


So the next time you’ve had a sensory overload from listening to the sounds of traffic and construction, take out 5 minutes to listen to the sounds of water.

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