The ancient YinYang symbol illustrates the state of balance and harmony between dualities, which is also the goal of alternative therapies.

Alternative therapies, also known as complementary medicine refer to a range of health care practices, medicines and systems that are not part of conventional or allopathic medicine. 100% natural these practices have been culled down the centuries by practitioners the world over. And are becoming increasingly popular among people for their range of benefits.

Alternative therapies include herbal supplements, mind, body, soul practices, meditation, chiropractic and acupressure methods and massage. Gentler in application, results are slower but surer with the least amount of side effects.

Alternative therapy can be considered alongside with conventional medicine when:

  1. The side effects of the allopathic medicine are too unbearable.  Alternative therapies are natural with the least amount of side effects. Some forms of healing like Reiki, EFT, Pranic Healing etc can help reduce the side effects of conventional medicine considerably over time.
  • Alternative healing is safe, natural and gentle. Therapists work according to your pace and spend more time with each patient, thoroughly assessing your case before beginning treatments.
  •  Alternative therapy reminds you that you are in charge of your mind, body and soul and shows you the connection in a holistic sense. Your irritability may be related to a physical and an emotional condition. Grief may lead to physical symptoms. And when you understand the correlation you respond better to treatment.
  • Tried and trusted for centuries. Many of the Ayurvedic  and Chinese herbs have been documented for over hundreds of years. Sometimes your grandmother’s herbal home remedy works faster and more surely than a pill.
  • Stress relief. As they say in alternative therapy, a calm mind is a healthy and happy mind. Complementary therapies like acupressure, massage, healing meditations, creative visualization and yoga offer long term solutions to stress relief in the form of greater calm, better sleep, improved interpersonal  relations etc.

Alternative therapy believes in choice and the healing powers of nature. Slow but sure they provide gentler, safer therapy and work very well alongside conventional medicine. As with all healing practices it is best to inform your doctor and your alternative healer of your ailment and your medication.

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