This was originally published on Quora in answer to the question “How can you distinguish a real intuitive Tarot reader from a fake one

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Many people buy a deck of cards read the little white book that goes with it and then go professional within 2–3 months.

A real reader never stops learning the Tarot, they read different books, different schools of thoughts, and are constantly learning about the Tarot. A real reader will also:

1. Help you frame a question in a way that brings you the maximum amount of information in one spread.

2. Will know multiple meanings for each card and how they differ for each position of the spread.

3. Will never make claims of being 100% accurate because they know everyone is human and interpretation of the cards is open to error.

4. Will never try to scare you with cards like The Devil or Death and instead empower you with the real meaning of the cards.

5. Will end the session leaving you feel a little more clearer about the whole situation and not nervous or uneasy. 5

6. Will never try to ‘sell’ you remedies.

7. Will never make you dependent on a reading, as far as they go, a reading is a session in itself and never is the need to insist a person return weekly/monthly or ever. Their job is to give you what they sense and read about your situation and then allow you to fly free:)

Real Tarot readings are empowering and clarifying especially when used as a life guide and NOT a tool for prediction.

Mita Bhan