Ever so often I read the cards of people who are overwhelmed by the stresses in their life. They may be going through a divorce. Or have suddenly been retrenched. Or are juggling way too many things in their life at once. The cards answer their questions but as a reader, I always recommend learning meditation as a tool for handling stress for the rest of their life.

Meditation allows us to release worries one by one with breath work. It allows our minds to reach a silent space of stillness where we can view our lives as an observer and not get swept by the storms around us. It brings us clarity and peace, even if it’s for a few minutes. And it gives us the strength to face whatever life throws our way.

And that’s only the mental benefits. When we reach a state of mental wellbeing our body cells and emotions respond with a certain lightness, radiance and energy. Almost like being renewed everytime we open our eyes after meditation.

If I were to summarise why meditation should be learnt it would because meditation is the only positive practice which brings us in touch with the beauty we possess inside by letting go of the unecessary and the unwanted.

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