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The reason I dedicate a part of my earnings to the rescue and care of street animals and wildlife is because there are so many people who want to hurt them, move them out of the way, destroy their habitat and simply profit off them. Animals are living, breathing cohabitants of Earth. They too have their feelings, and every right to this planet we call home. They can sense the fear and hatred in some people’s eyes towards them and will do whatever they can to protect themselves. If you brandish a stick at a street dog during your morning walks, he is going to look at you suspiciously and growl. If you do throw water at a group of monkeys searching for food because their habitat is destroyed they will come after you. Karma doesn’t miss a thing. Animals don’t expect you to love them, just accept them, cohabit and be kind.

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With every Tarot reading, Reiki session, Meditation session or Workshop with Mita Bhan, a percentage of earnings goes towards the care of wildlife and street animals.