King of Cups, Cat Deck, personal collection

As the sun went down she began to feel a little lost. The forest seemed denser, quieter with a deep underlying hum in the air. And the path was anything but smooth. She approached a small ditch surrounded by mossy rocks and algae – so very very slippery.


“I got you”

A warm hand clasped her arm firmly. But it was too dark now to tell who it was. He felt safe. So safe she didn’t feel like rising from the pile of musty leaves, she was hoping he’d just pick her up.

And he did.

In his even warmer arms, he carried her across the forest in most delicious loving silence she could ever imagine. When they reached the road he put her down and she thanked him. They laughed a little and melted each other’s souls with their gazes. They knew they’d never feel this way with anyone else. And she knew she’d found her King.

One of the most loving men in the Tarot deck is the King of Cups, balanced, generous and with the gift of making a woman feel special and safe. If a King of Cups is significant in your life right now how about a Love Reading or Report to find out more about him and you. Get in touch with me at mita.bhan@gmail.com for details

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