Q “There’s a weird low level anxiety in the bottom of my stomach that’s constant. I’m unhappy because somewhere I feel I’m missing the mark. I should be doing something with my Life. I mean why was I born. I’m only doing this freelance project to make my parents happy but this is not me. They don’t understand what’s happening to me. They’ve both worked hard to reach where they have. When I graduated a few years ago, I started a business to do something for the environment but it failed. I want to start another business around recycling plastic items but I’m scared of failing again. What clues can you give me about my Life Purpose?”


The low level anxiety you feel is your own inner self telling you not to hide behind the screen but to go out to Nature, where you feel happiest, where you are most inspired to make a difference. One failure doesn’t define who you are and what you could be born to do. And clearly it is to do something for our planet….

No one can tell you exactly why you were born. And not every Life Purpose is a vocation. You’ve been given clues all your life. And your biggest clue is happiness. For an indepth look at your life purpose and the clues the Tarot could bring your way, get in touch with me at mita.bhan@gmail.com for details

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