A visit to the hospital or clinic always brings us face to face with the kind of suffering there is in this world. Nobody is spared. Not us. Not the others. Not even the babies. Not even the animals.

Om Bekhandze Bekhandze Maha Bekhandze 

Bekhandze Randza Samudgate Svaha

The Medicine Buddha Mantra calls to the Medicine Buddha to eliminate the pain of illness and suffering.  The mantra is repeated several times with increasing intensity imploring the Medicine Buddha to hear and relieve the depth of suffering. It then hails the enlightenment of the Medicine Buddha and offers profound respect as the prayer is relinquished to the Medicine Buddha.

OM    (this is not a “word” but the intonation of the sacred vibration of the universe)

Bekhandze      O Healer   (of suffering)

Bekhandze      O Healer   (of the true cause of suffering)

Maha bekhandzeO Great Healer   (of subtle defilements that cause suffering) 

Bekhandze Randza    O King of Healing

Samudgateperfectly liberated auspicious being

Svaha   I offer this prayer and now relinquish it … (to you Medicine Buddha)”

This is one English version of the meaning and intent of the Mantra:

May the sentient beings that suffer across  space and time

May their illness and the causes of illness be quickly removed. 

And may this illness of body, speech and mind forever be gone.