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“I get these awful headaches during work lately, my sleep is poor, I can’t seem to stop thinking about what people said or did and I’m uneasy” – Project Lead, Multinational Bank

“I cannot trust my Boss. He’s stealing credit for my work and putting me down all the time. There are some mornings when I’m too tired to wake up to my alarm.” Client Servicing Manager

“She doesn’t care about loyalty, she only cares about the amount of money I can generate for her. I feel she is using me for her own gains and now my back pain has begun again” Sales Consultant

“This place is full of gossip and rumours, Nobody looks happy” Financial Analyst, MNC

If any of these statements rings a bell, you know you’re in a toxic work environment and you need to take immediate steps before it robs you of happiness totally.

A Few Tips

  1. Start an exit strategy.

You can wait till things get better but at what cost? Update your resume and start looking for options.

2. Practice Self Care Daily

Do something that’s positive and beneficial for your mental and physical health. Walking Meditations. Swimming. Regular Ayurvedic Massages. Dance. Something that shakes away the toxic energies that you may be absorbing in your work environment.

3.Connect with Nature

Even if it’s walking barefoot in a nearby park, or tending to a flowerpot allow Nature to heal you while you disconnect from the office

4. Be with your Loved Ones

Sometimes all it takes is a hug from a child. Or a cup of tea made by a friend to remind you that you’re special.

Peace of mind is precious. Physical health even more precious. Never be with someone or some place that’s making you sick. For more insights on toxic workplaces get in touch and we’ll see what the Tarot has to say about a way forward for you.

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