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You’ve always known that you were born to be your own boss someday. You’re just biding time in the corporate world building up skills, work experience and money reserves for this dream of striking out on your own someday. And you turn to a Tarot session for deeper insights, guidance and the outcome if you do take this step into the unknown.

Some of you are pretty clear about the path ahead – your business idea and the strategy is in place. You seek validation and what to be mindful about along the path.

Some of you come for a session with differing business ideas and their potential to bring in profits.

And some just explore the possibility of taking a risk into the unknown. Checking with the cards whether their idea will pay off in the end, whether it will be all worth it.

Whatever may be your questions regarding your start-up the Tarot cards can give you insights into the past, the present, the future possibilities throwing light on how to achieve your goals or what attitudes to drop or adopt.

Interested in launching your own start up? How about some insights from the Tarot to give you additional information. Message me at mita.bhan@gmail.com/9810138315 for more details.

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