• Self Love is not One Size Fits All. The journey differs for each individual yet the goal is common. If we all love ourselves, we learn to love each other.
  • It is not a one time practice. It’s a daily practice be it in the form of prayer, affirmation, meditation, exercise – self love and self care is a continuous discovery of ourselves through the good, the bad and the ugly within us.
  • Self Love can no longer be ignored. The wounded will always wound the other. Until we embrace and heal our own wounds we will always hurt inside and consciously/unconsciously hurt another. No need for detail here, just follow the News to see what is happening.
  • Self Love is acknowledging our own toxic traits and working on them.
  • It’s much much more than choosing the right make up and colour highlight it’s a continuous journey inwards and feeling right.
  • Though it is important to have “me” it is equally important to recognise that eventually it’s about “we”. The better my relationship with my innerself, the better my relationship with any other being on this planet.

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