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Sometimes every thing is in place but one tiny spoke in the wheel delays plans.

Sometimes things are beyond your control. Just before you meet the MD of the company you are about to join, his secretary reschedules the appointment because he has to travel somewhere urgently.

And sometimes the endless roles of red tape just wears us down .

Whatever the delay, the circumstances around it or the cause for it, delays can be testing times for all of us.

Firstly it is frustrating knowing that you have no choice but to wait another day, or another week or a month to get what you want.

Next comes the irritated restlessness that accompanies it, a tiny knot of tension that could express itself as impatience or just a bad mood.

And finally comes the worry the “what if” the anxious feelings keep you up at night imagining worst case scenarios.

I’ve learnt the hard way over and over again that the only thing I can do when faced with delays is to

1.Drop the matter for now

2.Do something else in the meantime.

And if that feeling of impatience creeps up on me again, dust it off again and again and focus on something else. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

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