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This morning I walked into the Arushi Children’s Home for girls all prepared to take a Guided Healing Meditation Workshop on Self Love. What I wasnt prepared for was the amount these strong, fearless, cheerful young girls taught me.

Here’s where it began:

The Arushi Children’s Home for Girls is a residential shelter under the aeges of the Saalam Baalak Trust. Around 40 girls under the age of 18 live here under the supervision and care of a dedicated team of trained and compassionate people who ensure they are safe, nurtured and empowered.
The Apeejay Anand library was a sweet haven of knowledge with books for all age groups.
“Show them all the beauty they possess inside Whitney Houston
“I love myself just as I am”
“I love the people no one loves”
“I love only God. I see God in me”

The girls revealed such powerful answers about themselves in the writing and sharing exercises.
Embrace yourself. You are perfect just as you are.
And here we are. Thank you for the lessons you taught me in return. Lessons in courage, strength, hope, acceptance. Thank you to all my friends and family members who helped me with the stationery and the goody bags. Rohan, my little brother in heaven. This was for you:)

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