Realise that if something is meant to be, it will come to you when it has to. When you stop expecting or searching too hard, things begin to happen. You may discover that you are not the cause and are truly powerless to change what is happening around you. Let go of something that’s just bringing you down unecessarily. A relationship which was under strain shows signs of harmony again. And if you were worrying about a payment, it will be received.


Time to take a reality check, especially if you’ve been running away with your fears. What you fear the most is not going to happen so breathe easy. Learn to relax in the present moment instead of constantly worrying about the future. At work, a coworkers sudden resignation or departure may send everyone into a tizzy. A good time to hang out with your girl friends, women have a lot of positive influence in your life, and now’s the time to absorb it all.


If money makes the world go round, your world is spinning in the days ahead. Old payments, old dues, sudden windfalls, it may all come together. A good time to invest in something. And if you were planning to travel, plans get finalised. An old friend from a long time ago may want to meet with you. Watch out for a recurring ailment. Go easy on the exercises, remember everything is best in balance.


The ball is in your court and everyone’s waiting for you to decide and choose. One tip, instead of postponing the decision how about listening to your inner voice. It knows exactly what you should be doing.  Avoid critical people like the plague, and make sure you’re doing something for yourself. If it gets too overwhelming tell everyone you need some me time and go get it! A lucky week for finding romance.


Sometimes a little white lie can lead to a major misunderstanding. Or sometimes something said inoccently could escalate into a fullblown argument. Watch your words. Before you shoot off your mouth, think, please. A lover or a mate may act possessive or jealous and it would best to handle it sensitively. Remember, they arent going to change. On the workfront, an important decision could bring about sudden changes in the whole company. Be mindful about how you treat your colleagues.


Ouch you’re irritable, and don’t we all know it. Though you may appear calm on the outside inside you may be boiling. Before you explode, introspect. Figure out what’s making you so angry and do something to release the emotion peacefully before you have a scene or a showdown. You may feel treated unfairly at work, or discover a friend was actually a rival. Pay attention to what you’re body is telling you.


Delays delays delays. Count to 10 if you havent yet, cause this is the month of learning patience. Deadlines may change. People may frustrate you with their attitude. And the plane may not take off on time. Beyond your control. No point reacting. How about learning to accept the situation and do something else in the meantime. Romantically the person you are eyeing in may be playing games with you. Figure out their game plan. And woo them before they lose interest.


You know it’s time for change when you just don’t feel like going to work anymore. How about polishing your resume. Or meeting up with some old colleagues. Get the ball rolling. The cards do predict changes coming up for you but first you will need to do some work for it. Personally things run smoothly, there’s peace within you which reflects in your relationships with your closest ones. A wonderful month to drop an old habit, your willpower is at its strongest now.


Someone lends a hand just when you needed it. Friends come out to help you. Or you get a job in a dream company because of someone’s recommendation. All the good things you have done for others is returned in the form of praise, help, advice and promotion. Revel in the good karma, you’ve earned it! A good time to feel grateful for your blessings. And if you were planning to get married, it may happen sooner than planned. Children bring joy and inspiration to your world.


A new chapter begins in your life. You may decide to adopt a new atitude. Or may have begun a new job, or a partnership with someone. Whatever it is, shows promise and potential. Remember communication is everything. Be clear and honest and nothing will go wrong. Resolve any differences before they fester into resentment. A surprise may be in store for you.


Expect the unexpected in love matters and personal relationships. A part of you may feel like walking away or forgetting the pain of the past, but it will be hard. Seek help or healing. Travel plans may be sudden and unexpected. Remember the pessimism you feel will be replaced by joy, and whatever is happening is only temporary. Hang in there, and if what you think or hear is negative, don’t believe it.


If you were feeling nervous about something new, don’t. You may discover your natural talent for something you never knew before. People recognise and value you for who you are. Don’t seek approval, go inwards and believe in yourself. A period is about to begin in your life where you will need to reach out to a larger audience. And the more self assured you are the greater will be your success.

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