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Sybil Rock, Delphi, Greece

Oh it’s good to be home. Carrying memories in my heart of the people I met and the places I’ve seen. And one of the images that will always remain in my heart is the rock of Delphi, right outside the Temple of Apollo in Greece. Where thousands of years ago, the Sybils or High Priestess sat delivering the oracle to weary pilgrims who came far and wide seeking answers from the other world.

The marble is slippery and the stairway is worn out after thousands of years of use. The ruins stand testimony to a time and a place in history that has influenced the entire world. And if you want to know about the energy, there’s still power and peace to be found on the grassy slopes of the Parnassos Mountain. An energy that speaks of acceptance, becoming a better person, of compassion and tolerance.

As I walked around the rock, I tried to imagine a lady in white robes sitting there lost in her thoughts surrounded by scribes and interpretors who’d translate her cryptic messages to the pilgrims and the travellers who came from far and wide for her answers. I closed my eyes and felt the breeze upon my face happy in the fact I had nothing to ask because I knew nothing. I was content just being there.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Socrates

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