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When I began learning the Tarot way back in 1998 I never thought I’d go professional until a friend suggested it to me. It took me 5 years to feel I knew enough about the 78 Tarot card meanings and spreads to start my own practice and in August 2003, I took the leap. At first I thought, “ok let me try it out for a year”

16 years have passed and I still am trying it out:) Learning as I go along from books, from courses and most of all from all the wonderful souls who have turned to my deck for answers. And have supported and encouraged me down the years. As a token of gratitude, I’ve got a few surprises lined up for all of you who take out the time to come to me at my office in Gurgaon or opt for telephonic readings this month.

Looking forward to celebrating with all of you:)

For appointments message me on mita.bhan@gmail.com/9810138315

Peace and Blessings

Mita Bhan