Red flags are those tiny troubling signals we get about our health, a relationship, an organisation or right before we get scammed. They start off as being tiny little sirens in our head alerting us but how many of us do listen to them?

In fact, most of us ignore them initially. I used to think they were part of my imagination. But they’re not. They’re warning signals your intuition is telling you. And they keep popping up until you listen. And if you don’t (like most of us ) it could lead to heartache, stress. loss or regret. And you end up feeling or saying things like

“I noticed his cruel, disrespectful and rude tone with his mother when we were dating. I thought I’d never hear it. I was wrong. After we married he began talking to me in the same tone”

“She’d hide booze bottles in her wardrobe. I ignored her alcoholism for years until the children started getting affected by her behaviour. I could have helped her earlier.”

“At some point in my interview the CFO asked me if I had any questions about working with us. He couldn’t answer any of my questions. I should have known then that there would be utter confusion ahead”

“When he began sharing his financial worries, I felt it was odd as we’d only just begun chatting online, but as we got closer I lent him some money. Now he blocks my calls”

And then what? We regret, we get angry or sad and when the pain wears off there’s a little voice inside us telling us “Don’t ignore the red flags. They’re there for your own good. Peace out before it gets too much to handle”

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