Bless the hearts of the founders of Salam Balak Trust and all their volunteers for giving love, food, shelter, education and employment to the boys who live in their shelter in New Delhi.

Being a child on the streets of Delhi is no playground.The harshest, roughest neighbourhood brings out a strong, survival instinct, and a certain intelligence that’s a blend of street smart and an intuitive understanding of Life. Raising them right too requires a sensitivity and a firmness inculcating a sense of discipline and eventual purpose.

When I walked in this morning armed with my notes on teaching kids how to manage their anger, I was surprised by their answers. Each one had a particular insight to share.

When asked how do you handle anger, almost all of them spoke of bashing up the bad guy except one. “When I feel angry, I just go to my room and dance” He already knew how to channel the energies of anger.

Guided healing meditations with the boys

When we spoke of breathing techniques and practiced sharp exhales, one boy remarked “I know this, this is kapaalbhaati and it’s good for health” The session continued in dialogue, laughter and shared learnings.

When they closed their eyes in meditation and received hands on healing I understood the real meaning of ‘all is one”

Thank you young souls, may you grow up to be the change our world needs. And heartfelt thanks to my friends and family who support me:)

For more information on the Salam Balak Trust https://www.salaambaalaktrust.com/

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