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Trying to be strong by repressing emotions is the worst thing we can do for our health. Every emotion we ignore, push back or numb out, finds a way of coming back at us, in the most toxic of ways. By suppressing a painful memory and acting like everything is normal is simply buying time until they re-emerge or make us sick.

I’ve learnt that repressing emotions and bottling them up doesn’t make them disappear, they only make things worse and one fine day, some little thing is going to make them spill over or explode. And if I want to live more fully in the present and embrace the potential of the future, I HAVE to express those old buried feelings.

What’s required is a final goodbye. Crying one last time for something or someone and then never again. Pouring your heart out in a letter. Talking it out. Realising that the memory is the past, and cannot be changed, only released.

Leaving us lighter, freer and a lot more healthier.

Guided Healing Meditations combine energy healing and meditative techniques to help us release old, unwanted baggage that’s preventing us from being our best selves. For more information message me at or 9810138315

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