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“Love Yourself” is probably the most frequently transmitted message we receive in our day to day lives from the Universe.  Though it may sound like a “passing buzzword” that’s sometimes shiny and sometimes dull, it keeps on coming our way. But we choose to skip it.  Some of us practice self  love occasionally and then move on to other things.  If you’ve ever wondered why, here are 5 possible reasons you may be giving up.

  • Disbelief – You just cannot believe how self love will work. Somewhere you think it’s a fad, or it’s not for you or you just aren’t good enough.  Ask yourself why you gave  up and realise this is a lifelong practice to make peace with ourselves.
  • Quitting too Soon – Too many people give up the practice after a few days or weeks, not realising that it takes time to heal years of low self worth and like all forms of practice, there will be dull days. The times when we feel most disappointed with ourselves is when we most need to practice this. Just dont quit!
  • External Sources – This could be watching the news everyday and feeling such an overwhelming sense of negativity you just stop bothering.  Or a change in routine (sudden workload for example) where you simply don’t find the time and forget.
  • Old Habits – Habits are hard to break, and harder to make. Some say it takes 21 days of consistent effort for a good habit to form and even longer to release the urge to binge, criticise ourselves or break the exercise routine.
  • Other’s Opinions. No matter what wear, say or do, there will always be some people who just won’t like you. Or will do what they can to put you down or make you feel small. Just keep loving yourself and remember, haters gotta hate. If you’re depending on others to love you to make you feel good about yourself you’ll always be disappointed. Start by approving of yourself, a little bit every day.

Ultimately, self love is a personal process. One that needs no one to approve of us and has no deadline. Do what works for you, and just don’t quit. And if you do, get back up and start loving who you are all over again:)

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