The Yin Yang Symbol. Everything has to come back to balance.

I still remember the first time she came for a session. Tears and rage burned in her eyes covering a deep wound in her heart.

“I want revenge. He’s seeing someone from his office romantically. AGAIN”

The Tarot confirmed an affair, but she knew it already. Women always know. The cards pointed at a narcissistic spouse, one who lived purely for himself, playing absent father to his 2 children and blaming this lady for all his misery. The kind who sing softly about their wives follies behind their back to sympathetic ears and bosoms. Her anger was beyond that. She didn’t care what he was telling his lovers, she only wanted him to feel her pain.

“This is not the first time. And this one won’t be the last. I don’t want to tell him I know this time. I only want revenge” She covered her face and wept in shame, the tears of a woman who’d never taken revenge before in her life.

“The last time he had an affair and I found out he promised to keep this marriage going for the sake of the children. Why did he break his vows? I want him to repent”

The messages she received urged her to find peace among her loved ones. Her friends and family her pets. To soak up all the unconditional love she possibly could. She needed to be strong first with those who loved her.

” This is a karmic relationship. Don’t get into the negative zone. No need for revenge, let karma do it for you.”

I could see she wasn’t convinced. But karma is like that. We don’t really believe in it until we’re hit by the impact of a karmic relationship. We like to believe it’s outside us, but somewhere in some way we too are responsible for creating a karmic situation where the pain cuts so deep, it almost seems unhealable.

“Forgive him and move on with your life”

I didn’t hear from her again till a few days ago when this came in the mail.

“Just wanted to say thank you for being the only one who told me not take revenge on my cheating husband and let karma only decide what his fate is. Everyone else gave me so many remedies to bring him closer, to destroy the other woman but nothing has worked. Some people even predicted that he would destroy himself. But I dont want to hurt him the way he has hurt me and my children. This IS a karmic relationsip, And then I remembered what your cards said to forgive him and move on. It is very very hard and has been a very painful journey to let go of the abuse and the adultery. But I am getting there. One night I felt so light because I had forgiven him and no longer began to feel any need to take revenge. I found the strength to live my own life and be a mother and father to my teenaged children. He is facing his own karma. His children do not want to be with him anymore. I have found so much strength with my friends and my family. Please share my story so others can learn please say a prayer for me”

Many prayers to you my brave lady. You have demonstrated what very few of us have achieved in this lifetime. The willingness and the ability to forgive the person who has hurt you the most. I pray you find greater strength and peace as a soul.

If you’ve read this far, please say a prayer for this lady.

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