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A green Diwali in our home last month

Green is the color of Mother Earth and is considered to be the most restful colour for our eyes. Long symbolized by the ancient Egyptians as the color of hope and healing, green has been used extensively by ancient healers and modern day colour therapists. Studies have revealed that those who work in green environments have fewer stomach aches. And suicides dropped by 30% when the Black Friar Bridge in London was repainted green. Painting kitchens green brings feelings of freshness and vitality while cooking. Surgeons began to wear the colour green as it helped to calm their patients and heal them at subtle levels.

Green has restorative and rejuvenating qualities. It represents regrowth, abundance and peace which is what Nature gives to us. The colour green too is neutral, and can work with other colors. In chakra healing green symbolizes our heart chakra, from where we give and receive love. Green crystals like Aventurine, Jade and Emerald are said to protect, heal and soothe physical ailments. Green is ruled by the planet of Mercury that guides our communication and a great day to wear Green is on Wednesdays. Some currencies have been printed in Green to denote prosperity and wealth.

My favourite spot during walking meditations

Here are a few ways to heal yourself and others with Green

Green is easy to add to any environment through the use of plants. As living things, plants add energy and harmony to any space. Natural purifiers they reduce the effects of pollution indoors. Plants like Ficus, Areca Palm, Money planet help change the energies of the room you’re in. Avoid plants in bedrooms though.

For restful sleep, green bed linen or curtains or walls help reduce anxiety.

Carry a green wallet or keep some money in a green envelope in your purse.

While meditating, focus on a green object – a plant, a painting, even a green statue. This colour harmonizes the flow of prana or universal life force, throughout the psychic centres.

There are many more ways to use the colour green in your life, not only creatively but also therapeutically.

Just standing in front of the tree was therapy itself

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