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Speaking from personal experience, it took me 2 years of daily meditation to actually feel the real experience. Why did it take me so long?

  1. I’m naturally a restless person, I found it hard to stay still as a child and even as an adult, meditating in one pose was really really hard in the beginning. I would get pins and needles on my feet and found it hard to stop thinking about the physical realm.
  2. I can think think think all day till I get tired. And during the first months of meditation my thoughts just wouldn’t stop.
  3. My own fears would hold me back from being in the place of stillness and surrender. It was the unknown, it was so new. And my own subconscious fears and resistance were holding me back from getting into that state.
  4. My own soul learnings. This is what reading about the subject taught me. Meditation is a journey that can span lifetimes. People who have been experienced many lifetimes of spiritual living, meditating etc would take a shorter time to feel the benefits of meditation than those who were spiritual novices. Made sense to me.

Now that it’s been over 20 years of regular meditation I don’t care how long it took me initially, the point I learnt is to not give up. Had a distracted and restless meditation session, never mind, tomorrow will be better. Had to cut short your meditation because of another appointment. That’s ok a little meditation is better than none.

Meditation is not competition. There is no race to enlightenment. It is only a way to find peace, to connect, to heal and to be. If it’s taking you longer than other students to understand, that’s ok. Just don’t give up trying. The peace you feel inside you is the biggest reward/benefit and that cannot be compared.

All the best on your journey:)

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