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Today I heard about the passing of an old Cherokee medicine woman who I met way back in 2001. Probably one of the wisest people I’ve ever met. I consulted her when I had quit the corporate world and my last boss disclosed to me that he had stolen my personal file from my desk to hinder my future job search. While I was relieved to know what happened to that file, I was also angry and deeply disappointed by his petty act. I knew I wanted to be self employed but I couldn’t shake off the anger I felt for him. I will never forget her words of wisdom.

Do not curse those who curse you, belittle you, or harm you. Bless them. For what you send out will return three times over back to you. And the negativity they send out will return three times over back to them”

It took months of inner work. Whenever I felt hurt by his act of jealousy and sabotage I worked hard to not send him negativity, which was easier and oh so tempting. I sent him good wishes and surrendered to the laws of karma.

Looking back I realised the importance of her words. As individuals we can not please everyone. There will always be someone who’s unhappy and threatened by the people we are. They will criticise, tear us down, block our paths and the temptation to drop down to their levels will arise, but the best way forward for peace is to resonate at a higher vibration. Send them love, send them light, send them forgiveness and focus on your own path.

Rest in Peace dear Anna. Your words of wisdom will stay on forever.

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