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Like energies, Tarot readings also go through phases. In the past month or so, the majority of my sessions have had to do with workplace issues, namely bosses.

Here are a few examples :

“I have no problems with my spouse or my friends. But the minute I walk into work I feel uneasy with my boss. Why has this happened throughout my career? “

“She’s so uncommunicative with me, will keep all matters secret until the last minute and I end up staying back late and confused with her hurried instructions. I cannot perform. How do I deal with a Boss like her?”

“He puts me down in front of my team in meetings. It is humiliating and frustrating to work under his supervision. What can I expect if I quit this company?”

“Why have I always had insecure immediate bosses who never let me grow throughout my career?”

“I love my job but I cannot work with my Boss. He micromanages my whole life? How can I find peace and balance?”

Throughout our careers we will work with a variety of people. And like all relationships, there will be harmonious ones, and some that are downright unpleasant, uncomfortable and the reason for quitting. Most of the times it’s an issue with the Boss, either an immediate superior or the level above. Someone with whom the interaction is more frequent and uncomfortable, demotivating, unpleasant or draining. In such cases the chances of a karmic connection are revealed in a session, along with the suggestions on how to deal with the situation.

With each case being unique, with each lesson differing from soul to soul, the levels of Karma differ. Some may have an extremely stressful relationship with one particular boss and then move on to a place of harmony either with the superior or with other bosses. Where some may face difficult bosses in all their jobs throughout their career. What could be the lesson?

I would also like to add, that not all boss karma is tough or stressful. Some may have been blessed with true leaders as Bosses and have shared a mutually enriching relationship. The karmic lesson would then be to carry the blessing forward, knowing how to treat others when you become a Boss.

Situations will always vary, but like all relationships there will always be a lesson to learn and to grow from. Be it from a good boss or a challenging one.

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