Tonight she contemplated jumping off the 18th floor. She stood out on the foggy night and stared down the misty floors leading to nothingness.

A chill ran up her spine.

She remembered the image of the man on TV who stood on the ledge while someone stuck his head out of the window and talked. Something that man said made the suicidal man change his mind and walk towards the window.

How she wished she could be rescued tonight.

She walked indoors.

The man she loved was not ready for marriage and had blocked her on social media, her heart was now broken into an unrecognisable mess. Her mobile phone was her salvation. She scrolled mindlessly, seeking connection, a reason to live.

After many calls to many cold and bland souls, she heard a voice tell her “child you are no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here.

The fog lifted. Someone cared. The tears of gratitude eased the pain, healing her.

Image from

Mita Bhan.