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When we were kids my Mother believed whatever significant happened on the 1st of January would recur the whole year through. Initially Dad would laugh at her words but one year we did fly on the 1st of January, and guess what, we travelled a lot that year. Another year unexpected house guests came on New Year’s Day and you can guess just what happened in the following 12 months. Her theory was proved right year after year with examples.

Soon Dad became a believer.

Each 1st of January, he would insist we write down our resolutions for the year ahead and if that wasn’t drudgery for a 9 year old, he also made it a point for us to study a bit on 1st of January, believing thats what we’d do the whole year long! While Mom ensured we did housework with her. On Dad’s part he worked and he cleared and organised the papers and bills. Something they both still do.

Today when I look back at our family traditions, I realise I have imbibed quite a few of them on every New Year. My teenager will agree as he shuffles to his books with that sullen bored look I must have had at his age, my husband will skip the carbs. And I sit down to write to wish all my readers a Happy Peaceful Productive 2020. Sharing with you what I have learnt.

What rituals and traditions do you practice on New Years Day? What would you like your future generations to learn from your Elders?

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