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Image from potterybarn.com

We all have something we like to collect, keep or hoard in vast quantities. Stuff we don’t even realise we have too much of until someone points it out to us.

I recently discovered my mom who I thought was the queen of declutter was quietly hoarding a secret collection of hand towels. We were decluttering her store room and discovered enough hand towels to open a shop. Not only was she not using them, they were only taking space in her store.

While persuading her to part with bundles of pastel, fluffly hand towels she kept saying “They will come in handy” and I asked her “How many?’ and we both burst out laughing as we packed them in a few cartons for donation.

Do you hoard things which you never use keeping them aside for a rainy day? Have you ever thought how much lighter and freer you will feel without them?

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