As the panic spreads in irrational ways across the world, as newscasters scream out the headlines, as losses rise, it’s getting harder to stay unaffected

And when I turned to my deck this morning for further answers, the cards seemed to point at healing and renewal for everyone at every level.

Psychic Oracle Deck by John Holland

At first glance the spread is pointing at Historical times. We are all living in a time where nothing’s been like this before and nothing will ever stay the same again. Megachanges – be it in the form of climate disruptions, destruction of forests, extinction of many species and losses economically over the past few years have been leading upto this. The Coronavirus of 2020 will go down in history as the turning point for the world at every level – mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Situation – Intuition Reversed.

When we stop listening to our instincts and allow ourselves to get drowned in the multiple voices of fear and alarm, we go into a state of paranoia. Fences go higher. And fear based behaviour takes over. People go irrational as they start fist fighting for the last bag of toilet roll, or they make claims of curing coronavirus with body fluids or start using sanitary napkins as masks. More cases of Anxiety and Depression and the effects of prolonged isolation will affect interpersonal behaviour across the world. Yes, yes we know all this.

But how do we fight this?

From inside, and here’s what has helped me deal with the info overload and I hope it helps you.

Deep breathing relieves anxiety. Try inhaling slowly to a count of 6, holding your breath and exhaling to a count of 6. Do it as an SOS or during

Limit your time watching the news and reading the forwards on social media. If it’s affecting you detox for a few days.

Spend more time with Nature. Have your coffee in the park. Tend to your houseplants. Eat more fruits with vitamin C. Keep washing your hands

Do something for a cause you believe in. Feed a hungry soul. Go beyond yourself , feel compassion.

Challenges over the next 6 months (March -September 2020) – Material and Spiritual Prosperity and Spiritual Union Reversed

Such a powerful card in a position of challenge points towards greater economic losses for industries across borders. Spending and saving habits will change. Currency rates will drop. And divisions will increase in terms of travel restrictions, trade restrictions, racism and acts of violence as multiple groups try to claim their power or assert their rights. Fear will incite extreme behaviour in individuals and communities. Again the answer is inside all of us. Identify your triggers. Take a reality check of your finances, plan expenditure wisely, detox regularly from social media and toxic people and find your space of calm. Metta meditations are beautiful and effective and involve sitting in a meditative space saying

“I am healthy. I am safe. I am at peace” then thinking of someone or some people and saying “We are healthy. We are safe. We are at peace.” help induce states of positive calm within. And raise the planetary vibrations from a space of darkness to light.

Outcome after 6 months (September 2020-September 2021) – Firm Foundation, Recognition and Renewal

Energies will reconsolidate and recalibrate. The turning point begins slowly on a positive note. More cases of Healing, Recovery. Significant advances in Medical Discoveries. New alliances between nations. More sale of weapons. renewed demands on oil. New Trade laws. Travel routes open up. Shift in School and University timings and modes of teaching. More Plant Based Diets. Establishment of new organisations in the field of health, mental health. New sources of income. Younger and younger leaders getting elected.

(This reading was completed at 1.18pm 11 March 2020 and was based on whatever I read, saw and sensed during the time of writing. )

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The Tarot gives an indication of your life as it exists in the present moment and how it is most likely to evolve based on your present patterns of belief. The insights are based on whatever energies are around you right now and if these energies change, so might the outcome. At the end of it, we as human beings do control our destiny and are responsible for our decisions. We possess supreme free will. And we must never take the pronouncements to be carved in stone.

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