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This morning, whatsapp pinged me this message.

“What do we need to learn right now from the Coronavirus?”

I meditated on the question, turned to the deck for answers and this what the Oracle had to say.

Pull away from the world outside and make peace with who you are.
Detach from drama, gossip, petty politics and paranoia.
Detox from the negativity periodically. Switch off all electronic devices for a while.
This is a time to regenerate, recalibrate and recharge.
Fill yourself with the knowing that deep down we are all part of a massive transformation and change.
Hope is there within all of us, but first we need to learn the lessons of unity. To the corona virus, humans are all the same. Yellow. Brown. Black or White. Compassion and caring for self and others. Collaborating and sharing learnings. Breathe.We are all one. And together we can overcome.

(Deck used – Oracle Deck by John Holland.)




(If you have any questions for the Tarot regarding the Coronavirus just message me at mita.bhan@gmail.com)

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