Page of Cups, Destiny Tarot

PC was the the little boy in preschool who was happiest when he was drawing and coloring. He drew mountains. He drew the sun. He drew fishes, and flowers and rivers and waterfalls. He dreamt of shiny stars and swirling leaves. His teachers loved him.

“Oh he’s such a sensitive child, the other day I had a bandage around my finger and he came up and kissed it and told me I’d be fine” said one teacher.

Another laughed and remarked “Cheerful little creature. Always ready to lend a helping hand”

“And there’s wisdom too. Almost as if he’s divine, the things he says….” the Principal leaned forward to listen about the Page of Cups”

“The other day I was teaching the class about washing hands. They were standing in a queue waiting for their turn on the taps. When his turn came he soaped his hands, shut the tap and turned to me and said. “I am saving water for my children”

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