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In all honesty, I could not bring myself to write my regular Monthly forecast. It would be so trite to write the things I’ve written about for the past 10 years while the world was experiencing such grief and loss. I do hope you understand my reasons and am grateful you choose to join me as I explore the Lessons we need to learn from this Pandemic that’s taken so much peace so suddenly from so many of us. Call it an act of God. Call it a conspiracy. Call it a Law of Nature. The Coronavirus has become a household word and it’s here to teach us all something.

Each day has become a gift. The present moment has become a gift Cherish it. Give something back to the planet.

And there is so much to be thankful for. Our list of blessings increases with our mindfulness doesn’t it?

But WHY is all this happening to you, me, the entire human race? To teach us valuable life lessons to help us evolve and get out of the bubble we’d been in? To remind us that Lessons will repeat themselves until we learn. To give us the choice. Of Evolve or Repeat?

What do the Tarot cards have to say?

and the Tarot assures me that there is HOPE there is RECOVERY there is a NEW ORDER but first we need to learn.

Have a look at your sunsign.


If you’ve found yourself at a fullstop in life, you may be denying something within. Time to take more charge of your life and depend on fewer people. They’ve shown you their true colours. Time to march on. And knowing you, you will do it.


For every shadow there’s a ray of light. For every tear drop shed there’s a smile. You’ve understood the cycles of highs and lows and learnt that nothing lasts. A part of you is ready for achieving something significant this year. Nobody can stop you but your own thoughts.


As you discover the lies you’ve been living with, a part of you may no longer wish to associate with those who’ve used you or deceived you. You may realise a larger purpose to your life and associate yourself with a cause. Just get your finances in order before you take a leap.


You’re stronger than you think and your deepest fear is only a figment of your imagination. You’ve learnt to express yourself instead of repressing your true feelings about someone or something. A creative side is waking up within you.


How much do you truly need? Reassess your life and your needs practically. All your answers are already inside you but don’t distract yourself from inner reflection and introspection.


Love is forever and even though your old flames have moved on with their lives, there’s still a flame that burns bright. Maybe that is the secret to getting through? Maybe it’s time to whisper out what you feel to the one you love the most.


Crossroads come for a reason. Choosing between a new career path or the tried and tested. Staying single or marrying the special someone. The answers will unfold. And you’ll be glad you to took the right path.


Solitude and instrospection has its advantages. You’re able to think of life from a broader angle now and understand relationships a little better. Honesty with self and others is the best policy to prevent a misunderstanding.


Staying busy brings a different kind of peace. Sorting, decluttering, reorganising and cleaning helps to make space for something better, something new.


Karma has a way of popping out just when we least expect it. The more you resist the changes in a relationship, the more it will hurt. Forgiveness does not mean what they did was okay, it means for peace of mind, you just have to let them go.


After the darkness will come the dawn. There is hope, there is relief, but only after processing the pain and the strife inside. A cycle ends and a new cycle begins. How will you make it different this time?


Don’t underestimate yourself or your abilities. The time has come to have greater self belief and greater focus. Your dreams can come true and more and more people will see your greatness. But first you need to believe in yourself. Listen to the voice that tells you can.

We’re all connected. We’re all in this together as human beings. And we’ll all emerge transformed in some way. It’s not easy, and it’s not smooth but we’ll do it.

Copyright Mita Bhan. All Rights Reserved.