Artwork by GLM Simha, Vedic Cosmos Wisdom Deck

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Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

A little progress is still progress. Time to just move in the direction you have chosen but expect the journey to be delayed a little. Wounds have healed and and you’ve left the bygones behind. Groups, associations and alliances especially new ones will be beneficial in the long run, so if you aren’t networking in your circles, start clicking on the keyboard now. An old flame may reconnect but don’t go back out of loneliness or boredom.

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)

When you look back you understand, the little things aren’t so little. Cherish the memories and the connections. A call from overseas will lift your spirits and bring in some peace. Doing what you love the most could become a source of income. Open your mind to short term assignments and an opportunity to showcase your talents. A good month to reflect and restart.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You’ve made it this far, so why give up now? You may be tempted to walk out of a dead end relationship or a job that’s beginning to bore you, but don’t. A time to reconfigure yourself literally, the cards urge you to focus on your strengths. Great courage will be required along with patience to get going. The rewards are worth it, but for the time being, this is a month for rolling up your sleeves and just working. You’re half way to attaining your dreams. Just don’t quit now.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The right contacts will open the right doors. A good month for reaching out to new people in your circle. Business ideas, discussions, meetings may take centre stage as plans are put down for the future. Be bold and more assertive than you usually are. Anxieties slowly begin to lessen as you discover new opportunities. Singles may find themselves attracted to someone who’s not usually your type. Open your mind.

Leo (July 23- Aug 22)

Even though you may be ready and raring to go, others will hold you back. An opportunity fizzles out and you may feel like you’re being prevented from moving forward with your plans. Hold on, things will get better, but only after you learn the lesson of patience and cooperation. Energy levels may dip a little so make sure you eat right and healthy. On the personal front, a misunderstanding is cleared with a loved one.

Virgo (Aug 23- Sept 22)

You’ve changed and you begin to realise it in your reactions to people and circumstances. You are no longer bothered by old irritants, and instead start to maintain a more balanced and detached view of life. A good month to sort out your finances with a long term view and organise paperwork. And on the personal front a friendship may turn into something serious.

Libra (Sept 23- Oct 22)

Are you looking at things as they really are or your emotions clouding the issue? Tempers run high as things don’t go according to plan. Before you lash out, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself if it’s truly worth it. A coworker may cause misunderstandings and honesty would be the best policy to clear up the mess. It’s time to change something in your life, once and for all, especially if it’s peace of mind you seek.

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov21)

A past project gets suddenly renewed. Something that was on hold re-emerges. An old friendship is rekindled. It’s all about momentum in the weeks ahead and you may find yourself multitasking again. Though a part of you will enjoy the sudden bursts of activity, your heart won’t be in it. You may long to be somewhere else. Or with someone else. Watch your sleep routines and start working out again.

Saggitarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)

You may find yourself impatient to speed things up and settle a matter of concern. A busy month of calls and messages a part of you may be ready to settle down with the right person, but don’t pressure them to marry if they’re asking for some more time. Legal matters may cause frustrations but if you’re resourceful or seek a second opinion, expect sudden progress and a positive turn of events.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan19)

Your mind is brimming with ideas and you’re ready to learn. A good month for self improvement and enrichment. Deep within, you’re already beginning to feel like you’ve evolved. And people will notice your new aura. You may seriously consider a new source of business, or a start up and if you find the right allies, you could launch it before the end of the year. Make sure to do your research right and get all the contracts in place before time, it could save you a lot of bother later.

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)

When you focus on past losses, you only hurt yourself, or make yourself angry. Even if there’s confusion about why it happened, it’s pointless to dwell on the past. Time to rebuild and restart, piece by piece. And trust that things will be fine again. People may let you down with false promises, strive to be more self reliant and release grudges. A good month to bring in positive changes in your daily routine, and let go of relationships that do nothing but drain you.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar20)

A new discovery about someone or something could raise the excitement levels. You will be grateful for a solution to a problem or unexpected help. God does work in mysterious ways and in the months to come you may find yourself blessed in more ways than one. As things perk up financially, don’t forget to acknowledge your loved ones. A special person may enter the scene for a short and sweet affair. Are you ready for another adventure?

For telephonic readings/email reports and select personalised readings message 9810138315/ for details.

Mita Bhan