Every Tarot reader will tell you about the number of queries that come in each week asking about a partner’s infidelity. Sometimes it’s the wife who discovers her husband is meeting his colleague long after work hours, sometimes it’s the boyfriend who discovers chat messages on his partners phone. Their shock, pain and anger is palpable across the distance and a reading not only reveals the presence of a third party but also the fact that they had been leaving enough clues way before the painful discovery.

Here are a few clues or signs your partner may be cheating.

  1. You get a funny feeling about them. You know when they are lying about why they’re out so often. You know from their energy that’s something’s different. You can’t put your finger on it, but your gut tells you.
  2. They act ultra possessive or aggressive about their phone and spend more time than usual either texting or talking.
  3. Their stories don’t add up and the excuses keep changing.
  4. They may not be so intimate with you anymore or begin criticising your appearance or sexual performance.
  5. Sudden interest in changing their appearance, buying new clothes, dyeing their hair, going in for a makeover.
  6. When confronted they get irritated and claim to be just friends.
  7. Losing interest in the family or things you once did together.
  8. Blaming you for making them cheat.

Whatever may be the signs, whatever may be their reasons and whatever you may choose to do after you discover your partner has been cheating, a Tarot session may be able to validate your suspicions and give you guidance, but one thing remains clear. If a little voice inside you is telling you they’re cheating, they are.

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