Thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement. The past few weeks brought many of us face to face with our deepest fears and showed us the way forward despite the emotional losses. For those who have learnt lessons of courage, resilience and faith August promises reparation and restructuring and the bringing back of a certain balance in our lives.

As the energies slowly realign themselves within and around us we learn to understand that balance is a state of being between what we can control and what we cannot. The midpoint between striving and surrender. And there is still peace to be found. Blessings to be grateful for. And kindness and goodness in many hearts around us.

“Be Kind but do not let people abuse you. Trust but do not allow deceit. Be content but never stop being a better person”

Peace and Love 🙂

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

A part of you feels like rebelling doesn’t it? Maybe you just feel like flapping your wings and flying away. There’s a strange restlessness inside you, calling you to do things your way. And who knows you may just do it. Don’t expect your loved ones to be understanding in this period, you may be a bit too unpredictable for their liking. Someone who wants you to make a decision or commit yourself may be disappointed. At the workplace you may feel a shift in people’s attitude towards you. Reflect on your recent behaviour. Avoid overindulging in the good stuff.

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)

You’re still sitting on the fence and time is running out. Time to make that decision you know will change your life forever. What keeps you back is fear. And now’s the time to be bold and be willing to take a risk. Greater gains and glory are ahead of you. And the more you procastinate, the bigger the chance of missing a wonderful opportunity. Single Taureans can expect to be wooed by an admirer or two! Don’t be surprised if you uncover a secret, or find a secret stash of cash in your cupboard. A month for stepping out of your comfort zone. Do that workout. Get that makeover. Take charge.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You’ve become a master of a subject and proven yourself. While you’re levelling up, remember to thank your team and all the benefactors who’ve made you who you are today. Past financial difficulties get resolved in this time. And emotionally if you’ve just found someone special, know that you are off to a good start. Success is sweet and well deserved dear Gemini. How about sharing your good fortune with the needy? Energy levels may fluctuate so make sure you’re eating right. Family and friends show you that love is never what you say, but what you do.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Work extra hard to find peace within yourself in the weeks ahead or you may find yourself a little offbalance with growing anxiety levels. A recurring ailment may require medical treatment and if you go on time you’ll save yourself a lot of bother later. Workwise things may be slow and you may consider a new line of business or changing industries. A white lie could cause friction with your family or friends. Sudden expenses may take you by surprise. Sometimes when we pause we understand what truly matters and what doesn’t.

Leo (July 23- Aug 22)

You begin a new phase in your life. Your new job goes smoothly. Your new boss loves you. And deep down, you just know it’s going to get better slowly. Even in your love life, you may find yourself attracted to someone who feels exactly the way you do. Keep an open mind. And remember what joy there is to be found in sharing our hearts, our time and our energies. Ultimately money doesn’t make the world go round, it’s love. Express your feelings. Show your appreciation. Students may feel a little frustrated with the delays and changes, but if you sit tight, things will get sorted out sooner than you imagined. Remain optimistic.

Virgo (Aug 23- Sept 22)

Sometimes misunderstandings happen to help us change. In the face of it, you may need to examine your self and learn to take responsibility for the choices that you make. You may regret saying goodbye to an old friend or employee. What holds you back from reconnecting or apologising. Financially a pending matter gets resolved bringing relief and job seekers may begin to feel more confident about their abilities. When we change ourselves, the world around us becomes better.

Libra (Sept 23- Oct 22)

After weeks of late hours a break. You may find yourself too tired to even think and you know your body is telling you to slow down. Take a few days off and just chill. If your relationship has been draining of late, or both of you have been fighting too much, back off and ask for space. This is not the time to make any decisions, but to step back and take a look at your life objectively. Sometimes all we need to do is spend a little time with young children or do the things we loved as children to remind us of life’s simple joys.

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov21)

What are you so angry about? You may not be losing your temper or shouting, but everyone can feel you seething beneath the calm facade. Ask yourself what’s bothering you and make a change. Remember anger needs release but its always better to do it nonviolently. Repress the feelings and you could just make yourself sick. Your concentration may be scattered at work and at home. If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated talking it out will bring clarity. It’s the secrets we hide from ourselves that we need to really examine.

Saggitarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)

The pressure intensifies. And there may be tension brewing around you. Though no one is saying anything, you can feel the energies and it may drain you. Do not allow anyone to put you down. And refuse to take criticism that’s not constructive. Go within and find your inner fire. Its time to believe in yourself and continue doing what you’re doing. Even in personal relationships, take everything said to you with a pinch of salt. And if you feel ready for a heart to heart chat, then open up and speak your mind, fearlessly. You begin to see the rewards of dietary/lifestyle changes.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan19)

The beautiful thing about you is that whatever you do, be it your job, or preparing food, or tending to your plants, – you do straight from the heart. People sense your authenticity and appreciate you for it. If you’ve got the creative urge, what’s stopping you from dancing, singing, writing or cooking again? A month full of reunions with old friends and colleagues you may find yourself nostalgic about the good old days. Without even realising it you may have forgiven a past hurt and moved on. Not everything deserves a reaction.

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)

A busy and demanding period begins. Clients may act unreasonably. And your boss may pile your inbox with unending assignments. Learn to delegate and share your burden. And if it gets too much, say no firmly. People may be taking advantage of your niceness. Time to get a little tough with those who blatantly use you.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar20)

Someone recognises your talent. And you may receive a life changing opportunity. At work your efforts do not go unnoticed. And you may receive even more attention than before. A favourable period for students, you may get admission in the institution of your choice. And if self employed, show case your skills and promote yourself. Now’s not the time to stay in the shadows. The spotlight is where you belong.

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Copyright Mita Bhan. August 2020