Anxiety has a way of coming in waves. Some may be up all night thinking. Some may be bingeing . Some may be restless and confused. Some may wander about with this tight knot in your stomach. Completely natural during these difficult days, there are a few ways which have helped not only me release the anxiety but also countless others.

Here are 5 quick and easy ways to relieve yourself of anxiety.

Deep belly breathing or pranic breathing is the fastest way to release pent up stress and anxiety. Incorporate it as part of your meditation or just do this whenever you start feeling the knot of anxiety.

Spending more time outdoors. Even if it’s a walk in the neighbourhood park. Colour therapy speaks about the healing and soothing powers of the colour green. And who else can heal best but Mother Nature.
Keep a stress ball by your laptop, helps release any anxiety or agitation while interacting with others.

Eat more fruit. The scent of oranges is supposed to boost happiness. Green leafy vegetables, fish are rich sources of nutrients that help relax us nourish us naturally.
Burning Essential oils or Camphor Crystals . Lavender, Jasmine, Neroli by stimulating the smell nerve receptors and sending messages to the brain to relax. If you wake up with morning anxiety then burn it in the room upon arising, and if you suffer from evening bouts, then make sure you have your burners ready in the evening

Anxiety can hit us anytime and anywhere. And though it may initially feel like it’s getting too much, calming techniques like breathing, walking or even talking to a friend can bring relief. However, if you feel it’s chronic, or not lessening despite natural aides, do consult your medical practitioner.

Mita Bhan. 2020