The most delicious desserts will never sweeten the one with the bitter breath.

He will always complain.

“Oh the presentation is bad.

Too many berries!

Lousy chocolate

“Ugh it tastes horrible”

He will spit on your table, scrape the chair backward

And head for the door.

Before you look at the mess he’s left behind, please walk him to the door and thank him for coming

and do ask him if you could sample

one of his desserts.

He will mumble something about not knowing how to cook, or

not having the time, or not finding the recipe. He may even look you

in the eye and tell you he can’t make desserts. And how his Father told him he couldn’t do a darn thing.

And that’s when you catch a glimpse of a young boy who was never praised, or approved, or accepted or encouraged. The harsh critiques he gives others freely and shamelessly are nothing compared to his self critiques. And the voices he heard as a child – he heard them so much he began to believe them, and eventually spew them on others.

For a second he looks at the door knob before stepping out and asks you how he can start making desserts.

You tell him to start by approving of himself.

Chances are he’ll slam the door on you grumbling to himself about incompetent cooks who waste his precious money.

Copyright Mita Bhan. All Rights Reserved.