“What are you doing to protect our planet?”

Eight years ago our children were reminding us to do something.

Eight years on, I still remind myself to be mindful about the environment and have reduced, reused

and recycled, forgotten at times, felt guilty at times, but it isn’t enough and I know it.

Here are some timely reminders which I hope will help you as well.

  • As far as possible go chemical free. Read more labels. Opt for natural, homegrown, organic and local produce.
  • Single use plastic and masks should be used as the last option. Opt for reusable.
  • How much stuff do we all truly need. Open the wardrobes and give to the needy.
  • Animals and Birds are far purer in mind and heart than many many human beings. Volunteer. Share information about rescued street animals, injured birds, foster appeals, fundraisers, missing pets. Something is better than nothing. If you can’t help them. Then don’t hurt them.
  • Reduce water wastage. Save all left over water in a watering can and water the plants.
  • Stay in touch with Nature. Go for forest walks. Start gardening. Meditate outdoors.

We have only one home and that’s our planet. Even the smallest effort to reduce our carbon footprint can make a difference, and if I live to see grandchildren I do hope they see a cleaner, greener world.

Copyright Mita Bhan. All Rights Reserved.